About Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is one of Australia’s best known and most popular fundraising events.

Each day more than 115 Australians will die of cancer.

Daffodil Day raises funds for Cancer Council to continue its work in cancer research, providing patient support programs and prevention programs for all Australians. Daffodil Day helps grow hope for better treatments and more survivors.

To Cancer Council, the daffodil represents hope for a cancer-free future. You too, can help in the fight against cancer by wearing a Cancer Council pin this Daffodil Day. Daffodil Day merchandise is on sale throughout July and August, and you can donate to Daffodil Day at any time.


About Cancer Council

Cancer Council brings together Australia’s leading state and territory cancer organisations. Our vision is to minimise the threat of cancer for all Australians, through successful prevention, best treatment and support.

To realise our vision Cancer Council undertakes a broad range of activities:

Research – We are the leading independent funders of cancer research in Australia. Each year we grant around $50 million to cancer research, research scholarships and fellowships.

Patient support – Cancer Councils coordinate a network of cancer support groups, services and programs to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients, people living with cancer, their families and carers.

Information – We provide evidence-based, up-to-date information about all aspects of cancer to:

Doctors and other health professionals. To help improve prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

Cancer patients and the general community. More than 70,000 Australians contact Cancer Councils for information and advice each year, chiefly through the Cancer Council Helpline.

Prevention – Our early detection and prevention programs aim to help people quit smoking, protect themselves from the sun, eat healthier foods and engage in physical activity to reduce the risk of cancer.

Treatment – Through our Australia-wide network of health professionals, the Australian Cancer Network (ACN) develops guidelines to provide the best evidence based treatment and care for cancer patients.

Advocacy – Cancer Council advises government on the needs of our stakeholders and provides an independent voice for improved cancer control policy based on the evidence.

The money raised from Daffodil Day makes a real difference and will give hope to people affected by cancer both now and in the future. Find out how your money helps or get involved today.